2016 Clubman of the Year
Marty Ford

  • Congratulations to Marty Ford for being selected as 2016 Clubman of the Year!!
  • Bethlehem Clubmen's Assn thanks Marty for all he has done for the community as well as our local clubs.

  • The 2016 Clubman of the Year Award Dinner will be held on Saturday, April 8, 2017 at the Portuguese American Club.

    Past Clubman of the Year Recipients
                   * Deceased

       2016 Marty Ford Heights A.A.
       2015 James V. Sikora Bethlehem Clubmen's Assn
       2014 Lisa Boscola Portuguese American Club
       2013 Earl Peiffer Independent Citizen's Club
       2012 Ray Gencarelli Heights A.A.
       2011 Harry 'Corky' Lomping Jefferson Democratic Club
       2010 Wilbur 'Nonny' Nonnemacher North End Wanderers A.A.
       2009 Herman 'Buddy' Webber Jefferson Democratic Club
       2008 Jose Carlos Portuguese American Club
       2007 Richard 'Butch' Grube Independent Citizen's Club
       2006 Ernie Bohar Heights A.A.
       2005 James V. Sikora 540 Democratic Association
       2004 Warren Fenner Independent Citizen's Club
       2003 Chip Walakovits Jefferson Democratic Club
       2002 Bill McDonald Home of the Good Samaritans
    * 2001 William Bambu Jefferson Democratic Club
       2000 Robert Sule Bethlehem Panthers A.A.
       1999 John Podhany North End Wanderers A.A.
    * 1998 William Moss Heights A.A.
    * 1997 John Kiss Home of the Good Samaritans
    * 1996 Chester Reybitz, Esq. Solicitor
    * 1995 James T. Palevich West Side Republican Club
       1994 William Bosak Bethlehem Panthers A.A.
    * 1993 Charles Romig, Jr. Grover Cleveland Democratic Assn.
       1992 Emery J. Haller Antlers Assn. (Elks) #191
       1991 John D. Phelps North End Wanderers A.A.
    * 1990 Frank Kucsan National Sokol Lodge #93
    * 1989 Al Wright, Jr. Antlers Assn. (Elks) #191
    * 1988 Ralph B. McKinnon North End Wanderers A.A.
    * 1987 Nick Timko Lehigh South Side Boosters Assn.
    * 1986 Arlindo Rezende Portuguese American Club
    * 1985 Joseph Sewald Home of the Good Samaritans
    * 1984 James O. Clark Rosemont Fire Company
    * 1983 James H. Johnson Fraternal Order of Eagles #294
    * 1982 Jack C. August Tammany Democratic Assn.
    * 1981 David James North End Wanderers A.A.
       1980 William Prosperi Grover Cleveland Democratic Assn.
    * 1979 Gus Stefanik National Sokol Lodge #93
    * 1978 Norman Long North End Republican Assn.
    * 1977 Edward G. Ruyak, Esq. Solicitor
    * 1976 Charles Romig, Sr. Edgeboro Pembroke Democratic
    * 1975 Ceferino Orta Azteca Mexican Society
       1974 Joseph B. Raykos National Sokol Lodge #93
       1973 William J. Mondak Edgeboro Pembroke Democratic
    * 1972 Reiff W. Nauman Grover Cleveland Democratic Assn.
    * 1971 Ernest Di Salvatore Edgeboro Pembroke Democratic
    * 1970 Al T. Williams, Sr. Fraternal Order of Eagles #284
    * 1969 Nick Dutko Heights A.A.
    * 1968 George Kotich Grover Cleveland Democratic Assn.
    * 1967 Joseph V. Hollschwander Edgeboro Pembroke Democratic
    * 1966 Francis L. Mies Home of the Good Samaritans
    * 1965 Joseph B. Karabin National Sokol Lodge #93

  • 20 years as a Pennsylvania State Representative and State Senator have proven her dedication to the community as a public servant.
  • Strong supporter of the local clubs and organizations, as well as the Bethlehem Clubmen's Association

  • The Bethlehem Clubmen's Assn thanks Lisa for all she has done for the community as well as our local clubs.